PR service

PR service of SITA newswire is designed to enhance the communication of your plans.

Through the distribution channels of SITA agency, the information will reach exactly those people you want to address. Our PR service is unique because it is not limited to clients of SITA online service and will also address visitors of web portal as well as dozens of its partner portals. As a result, your information will be available to hundreds of thousands of Internet users seeking topical news.

Communicate your plans through SITA’s unique distribution network.

Your PR articles will reach:

Advantages of publication:

  1. - extensive reach - your press release is distributed to SITA clients and readers of and will also appear on dozens of partner web portals
  2. - quickness - your press release will be published within three hours of order acceptance
  3. - undistorted information - we will release the original wording of your press release and so you can be certain that the client will get exactly the information you intend to communicate

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