Media monitoring

The perception of the company by the public is very important. Every company should have detailed information about the environment it works in. It is also useful to have information about partners and competitors. Effective use of the information may be crucial for gaining a competitive advantage.

Standard delivery method is a database of sorted and categorized news stories accessible through a www interface and delivery of a monitoring product in the form of an html document or a text document in Microsoft Word (*.doc) format to an e-mail address of the client. The client is in direct contact with an assigned employee, who oversees the work to make sure that for the whole duration of the contract the monitoring optimally covers the client‘s information needs.

SITA media monitoring delivery:

  1. - output in electronic form
  2. - delivered by e-mail that can be implemented into your company's intranet
  3. - monitoring is divided into sections according to client specification
  4. - news is sorted by relevance
  5. - annotations or full texts of articles, or the combination of both form
  6. - delivery deadline as required by a client
  7. - monitoring or its parts may be translated into other languages

Monitored sources:

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radios – reporting and news coverage 
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non-media information sources: 
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qualitative analysis:
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