Price list – online news

Price list valid from 1. 9. 2012 Basic monthly price without VAT
one news service 400 € 800 €
two news services 690 € 1 380 €
three news services 890 € 1 780 €
all news services 1 090 € 2 180 €

 a mini-licence:one user

  multilicence: several users, or the possibility of using the service within the company of over 15 employees

There is a possibility to provide non-profit organization with discount.

This price list relates to delivery of online news to the end user only, who does not have right to distribute the content of the service onward by any means. The price of the online service with the right of onward distribution of news in case of usual media depends on measurable values such as sold amount, price of the title, ratings, visit rate, market share. The calculation for the actual massmedia will be prepared by the Sales and Marketing department of SITA. In case of any other way of re-distribution it is neccessary to negotiate personally about the conditions of service availability.

If you want any further information about services of SITA News Agency, please contact:

Sales and Marketing Department
SITA Slovak News Agency
Mýtna 15, 811 07 Bratislava, Slovakia
+421 02 5249 6106 +421 02 5249 6105