About SITA

About us

SITA Slovak News Agency is the largest private provider of complex information services in Slovakia. It is a modern information medium based on the model of an independent news agency.

The news team at SITA has over a hundred experienced full-time reporters, editors, analysts, and dozens of other part-time staff members. It produces over 400 agency news items per day, dozens of sector overviews in various languages and media monitoring services.


SITA was established as a news agency in 1997 with the aim of providing current, balanced, and politically impartial information from the economic and political sphere. Since the beginning the agency had the idea that it would deliver information not only through other media, but also directly without time delay and filtering to people who make decisions in the political sphere or in business.

Expansion of services

SITA widened its classic agency services (online news service covering local and international politics, society, economy, and sports) in 2001 by specialized services for businesses and institutions. These include overviews sent by e-mail, sector monitoring services, media analyses, political analyses, media monitoring, and other information products.

In 2004, SITA launched news portal Webnoviny.sk targeting a broad scale of Internet users. By doing this, it extended the distribution of news to end users. Webnoviny.sk has a unique channel to distribute news also to the network of partner portals and is, thus, the biggest providers of news on Slovak Internet. Every news item published by us appears on dozens of other portals within a few minutes.

At present

SITA is now not merely a source of quality information but also a provider of individualized information solutions. The agency provides to businesses that require individual turnkey solutions complex coverage of information needs, taking into consideration their communication language. Our news services are used by local and foreign media, government institutions, diplomatic missions, banks, as well as other businesses active in finance and capital sphere and other areas of business.

We are prepared to offer individual information solutions to future clients. This gives them the opportunity to enter with their needs and comments already in the phase when a concept of targeted news reporting is created. Our solutions are based on active approach in relation to clients.

We aspire to be a quality information source for our partners, providing them with complete, fast, relevant and undistorted information. We hope you will find in our agency a good partner for long-term cooperation.